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New dimensions of corruption in eu member states

Gament Niculae

Objectives: The furthering and upholding of the core values of pluralist democracy, human rights and the rule of law in Europe. Prior work: The criminalisation of corruption in the public and private sectors, liability and compensation for the damage caused by corruption, the conduct of public officials, the financing of political parties and electoral campaigns and include twenty guiding principles for the fight against corruption.
Approach: It takes a multidisciplinary approach to the fight against corruption and has adopted multi-faceted legal instruments to address it. Results: These instruments are designed to strengthen member States’ democratic, legal, and institutional capacity to withstand corruption as well as to detect and sanction it effectively when it occurs.
Implication and Value: The Council of Europe's Guiding Principles, who views corruption as a serious threat, require to be transposed into national practice.