Criminal Law Review Biannual judicial doctrine and case-law publication published by Romanian Association of Penal Sciences and Universul Juridic Publishing House ISSN 2248–0528
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About us


Criminal law review is the electronic English version form of the printed Criminal law review, whose first number appeared in 1994. Criminal law review (printed paper version) is the first Romanian legal magazine related to this issue, being published by the Romanian Association of Criminal Sciences, which has its own site ( with Romanian and English versions. The review is included in international data bases such as EBSCO and SSRN, which are known in the field of legal sciences (according to section 1of Annex 1 of the Order no. 4691/ 2011 of the Ministry of Education, Research, Youth and Sports). 

Every semester, criminal law review aims at publishing editorials, articles and studies of criminal law, of criminal procedure and executional criminal law, of compared criminal law written both by Romanian authors, and foreign authors (university professors, associate professors, scientists, magistrates, lawyers etc.) and reviews.

Univ. prof. George Antoniu, Ph.D. is the chief editor of the Review.