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The scientific research in the matter of criminal law, at the 60th anniversary

George Antoniu

In doing a deep analysis of the criminal law in force after 1943, Professor Dongoroz divided the transformations brought to the criminal law in this period into three parts: primary changes, meaning changes that were based on changing the nature of criminal law, from a law that protects the whole society into a law with a class character. The second transformation (general changes) referred to those who aimed to achieve in new ways the general and special prevention and the third category consists of specific changes to the criminal law by changing the content of specific penal institutions.
Making a review of the scientific contributions to the development of criminal science in 15 years of Institute of Legal Research, Professor Traian Ionaşcu, director of the institution, emphasized the contribution to improving the political and social character and of the normative content of the regulations adopted in the 15 years from it’s establishment.